Internet Explorer — Atlas Shrugged 😡😐😁

Previous versions of Internet Explorer are infamously difficult to support when compared to more standards compliant browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It’s not just that websites don’t look right on old versions — they don’t work right either and in some cases they’re just not secure.

Over the last decade there has been a huge shift away from IE to the more standards compliant browsers mentioned above. This has left a very small number of web users on the older IE browsers, requiring a disproportionately high amount of resources to be set aside by developers like us to support them. This places an unfair burden which has in the past even lead to an online retailer imposing an IE Tax on their customers! We haven’t gone that far in the past, and have historically swallowed the stress, economic and time costs ourselves rather than passing them on to clients.

We feel that the web is now at a point where we can and should drop support for older IE browsers — and for that matter any browser that severely compromises user security and experience.

And by the way there’s another software developer who has clearly gone through the same story themselves — Microsoft! At the time of writing they will only support back to IE11.

So our policy is now to only offer support to versions of IE that Microsoft are willing to support, with older versions supported at an extra cost.

This will allow us to offer the best possible service to the 99% of our users who run modern web browsers — and to be fairly compensated if we are required to go into battle again with the ol-big-blue e.

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