Diversey Express Application

We are excited to announce the launch of Diversey Express — Sealed Air’s new staff training app — designed and built by Toru Interactive. The app is being released for Android and iOS in over 50 countries in over 30 languages.

Sealed Air wanted to update their old training materials. They were eager to seek new ways to help their customers use the right products and methods to achieve the best cleaning results. Together we decided that short training animations delivered by a mobile app and accompanying web app would be the most effective way to deliver this content globally.

Our brief in the delivery of Sealed Air’s new training app included:

  • Designing an intuitive user interface that people from anywhere in the world could quickly understand and use.
  • Delivering an app that works consistently well in any language on any platform.
  • Crafting an engaging ‘on-boarding’ process — with multiple sign in options and a highly creative tutorial that introduces new users to the app.
  • Delivering a lightweight app that lets connected users stream videos and documentation as well as downloading them for offline use.
  • Developing a branded CMS that allowed Sealed Air to edit, upload and remove all training content at any point.
  • Building a bespoke translation widget for the CMS that allowed Sealed Air employees around the world to help translate app content.
  • Tracking user usage activity in fine detail and presenting it in real time to the client.

Ahead of the launch Matina Morfi, Global Portfolio Manager of Sealed Air has said:

The Toru Interactive team brought their experience and professionalism in this project. I was impressed with their innovation, focus and team work and my team was satisfied with the excellent result. I will gladly work with Toru team again, as I know that they will be committed to deliver a perfect result.

Download Diversey Express From Google Play

Download Diversey Express from the App Store

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