Animated Product Showcase for Seko’s new Tekba Series.

Just a quick post to share a video we’ve recently created for Seko, one of our key clients. Seko engineer specialised industrial parts and machinery, and for over four decades they have been market leaders in the dosing and pump category. About a month ago they asked us to produce a product showcase video for them that outlines the key features and benefits of their new Tekba range.

We modelled the Tekba pump in 3D, and built up a 3D animation showing 360 spin arounds, internal components and the pump’s installation procedure. We then supplimented the 3D content with 2D animations and a music bed to create an enganing and imformative showcase video. The video was used during an exhibition Seko were at last week and there are plans to push it out to other marketing channels in the near future.

Do you need a product showcase video? Or any other kind of 2D or 3D animation? If so please get in touch and let’s get creative!


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